Twigg welcomes reopening of Seniors’ Centre in Campbell River

John with Linda Tucker, President of the Seniors’
Center in the Dining Room on October 5th

North Island Conservative candidate John Twigg has welcomed the reopening Monday (Oct. 5) of the Campbell River Seniors Centre as an important revival of a variety of services vital to the well-being of many local citizens.

“The seniors’ facility in the Campbell River Common Mall has been providing meals, friendship, advocacy and many other valuable services to its several hundred members for about 10 years now but its closure due to the Covid pandemic about six months ago left a big hole in the lives of many local people,” said Twigg, who was one of the centre’s original supporters and is a multi-year member.

As current president Linda Tucker explained, the board of directors decided to reopen the facility now as an experiment to see how many members would resume using it under new post-Covid guidelines such as wearing masks where appropriate, maintaining social distancing and adopting extra sanitary measures such as requiring a fresh cup for a coffee refill and charging an extra 25 cents for it.

On the first morning back open only about a dozen people showed up but Tucker and other volunteers took it as a good sign that they should try to revive more of the center’s activities despite the risks of some new Covid transmissions because in the past the centre was being helpful to hundreds of members for a variety of reasons.

“For some members the Campbell River Seniors Centre was most important for providing nutritional meals at affordable prices and for others it was providing physical exercise such as line-dancing, and mental stimulus in card games, and social interactions with friends in similar circumstances, so now it’s really good to have all that coming back again despite any added risks of Covid transmissions,” said Twigg, who also attended the soft re-opening.

“If the B.C. Conservatives were to become government or even to merely have influence in a minority coalition I would push for the expansion of such seniors facilities all around the province,” said Twigg, noting that an important feature of the Campbell River centre is that it is member-controlled and is not dominated by any government body as is the other seniors’ facility in Campbell River.

“While government sponsorship may be needed to help launch such facilities in some communities, the experience in Campbell River shows that a transition to member control tends to strengthen the range and quality of the services provided,” said Twigg, noting it had, and still does, provided an alternative to the government-controlled facility when it opened.

“One of the unintended benefits of Covid has been to highlight things that really matter in our lives and the importance of providing a wide range of social services to seniors is one of those,” said Twigg.

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